At the age of 23, Zoë wrote and had a major hit with her anthemic song ‘Sunshine On A Rainy Day’ and was nominated for a Brit award for Best Female Singer alongside Annie Lennox.

Zoë has worked with Queen’s John Deacon, beat poet John Sinclair, legendary producer Youth, Morcheeba, System 7 and many more.

After eschewing the ever-increasing commoditisation of the music business, she spent many years travelling, writing, recording and playing low-key events.

Now Zoë is back with her new album Lago Ausente, celebrating her great love of nature, plant medicine and divine beings.

Dividing her time between Costa Rica, South America and Europe, Zoë enjoys playing at ceremonial gatherings, medicine ceremonies and intimate festivals.

A devotee of Ram Dass, Zoë creates and holds retreats, working with the voice and sound to release emotional and physical trauma from the body, utilising shamanic practices of Peru and Mexico, Kundalini yoga and Tibetan Buddhist meditation and allowing for gratitude and energetic healing to take place.

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