With raw, sensual serenity, Zoë's timeless voice calls us home to the embrace of mother Earth.

“This album is simply divine. Each song is a pure diamond. If any of you are looking for a new sonic journey to embark on then I highly recommend this masterpiece by Zoë. The moment I first heard Zoë’s voice, I felt instantly connected to her music. Each song is exquisite and spoke so deeply to me. There is a lot of great medicine music out there but for me this at the top of the list. Please go and check it out.”  — Nessi Gomes


My creative practice as a singer-songwriter is primarily inspired by nature. Songs come to me when I am quiet and alone, meditating and listening to the birds and the wind in the trees. Sometimes, songs come to me fully formed in dreams.


I am influenced by a lifelong affinity with devotional music from many cultures. My own Sephardic and Irish traveller ancestral roots seem to connect with an artistic expression of spiritual yearning, simple humanity and prayer, which are echoed in other ancient song forms.


I was in Costa Rica, taking part in a sacred medicine ceremony, when this album came to me in a vision and the landscape flowed into me as music.


Soon after this, I had the most fortunate opportunity to see Hawaii, spend time with the inimitable spiritual teacher Ram Dass and receive Darshan in his joyful presence.


I was greatly saddened by his subsequent passing, but in the last stages of recording this album I felt that my beloved mentor could still be felt as a strong and loving influence in my work.


My music makes reference to extremes of light and dark, yearning and fulfilment, sensuality and divinity, suffering and ecstasy, in reflection of the way it feels to be human, as both a physical and a spiritual being.


I live with my family and close friends on farmland in Devon, where deer and other wildlife freely roam, and I can watch the birds, meditate and pray in my own organic and intuitive way.


I paint and sculpt, and this helps to keep my creativity grounded and in touch with my body as well as with the spiritual and dynamic energies and emotions that flow through it.


I have been very lucky to have travelled widely, performed in many countries and studied and collaborated in both healing and music with some extraordinary, gifted people. I am grateful for this … but for me, stillness and silence hold the space from which all art springs.


1990-1991: Sunshine on a Rainy Day (solo single) – Top 5 in UK chart – topped charts across Europe and Australia – No. 1 in Zimbabwe


1991: Nominated for a BRIT award – Best Female Singer category


1991: Scarlet Red and Blue (solo album), Polydor M&G


1996: Hammer (solo album), M&G BMG


2006: Hephzibah Broom and her sister Bethesda (solo album), Red Deer Records


2006: Yoga Farm Blues (collaborative EP) – with blues guitarist Tom Dale


2009: Crow Coyote Buffalo (collaborative album) – with singer-songwriter Sarah McQuaid under the band name Mama


2021: Lago Ausente (solo album)

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